What if you could see in the dark?

Our lives are filled to the brim with mysteries. We often find ourselves in a darkened maze with no way to navigate.

A Tarot Reading with me will lighten your path and allow you to see with clarity.

Hi, I'm Brittany (aka Little Fang!) of Little Fang Tarot.

I am a priest of Bast the Queen, and like Her, I strive to bring Light, Joy, and Guidance into your life.
I combine my love of Animal Spirit Guides, the assistance of the Gods of Ancient Egypt, my skills in Tarot Reading, and my mastery of Reiki, in order to bring you the knowledge and empowerment to find your path and feel loved and protected while doing so.

Your Guides have led you here so that they may share their magic and their messages with you.

It's time to listen.

Take this journey with me and not only will you learn more about yourself,
you will learn about the beings who walk alongside you.