Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.

You are never as alone as you may feel.
 Did you know that you are being guided, directed, and pushed towards your goals and dreams by your Animal Spirit Guides right this minute?

Hi, I'm Brittany Vance (aka Little Fang!) of Little Fang Tarot.
I'm the girl that will dart outside in order to speak to a cat I've never met who may have happened to cross into my line of sight from the outside window.  (True story!)  You'll see me at the party having my drinks with the pets rather than the people.

I believe we are beings of the Earth, and everything we need to know comes from the very soil where our ancestors once stepped; a planet where the animals have left their mark, which in the present years we have grown so far removed.

I combine my love of Animal Spirit Guides, Tarot, and Reiki to bring you the knowledge and empowerment to meet your goals, find your path, and feel loved and protected in doing so.

Your Animal Spirit Guides have lead you here so that they may share their magic and their messages with you.

It's time to listen.

Take this journey with me and not only will you learn more about yourself,
you will learn about the guides that walk alongside you.

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How can our Animal Spirit Guides assist us? 

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