About Little Fang Tarot

About the Reader

My name is Brittany, but I practice under my spirit-given name, Little Fang. My pronouns are She/They.

I am a Hedge Witch Shapeshifter with one foot always in the other realm. I am also a Priest of the Kemetic Orthodoxy, serving my Mother Goddess, Bast-Mut. Consulting with spirits, ancestors, and my worshiped deities is essential to my work and soul; I use dreams, feelings, and divination to receive these messages.

I have been a student of the Tarot for over a decade, filling myself with its knowledge and building a decent-sized collection of decks, each with different voices and specialties. Compassionate readings are my game, and I will do all within my power to deliver the truth the cards bring up while also staying tasteful and kind.

My reading methods revolve around offering advice through the cards to bring positive change.

My favorite readings revolve around spirituality, past lives, spirit guides, and knowledge. Please read my Code of Ethics to see what sorts of readings I will not perform.

I'm a Virgo sun sign with a Taurus moon and Scorpio rising. I am based in the Chicago Suburbs.

Evolution of Little Fang Tarot

In January 2015, I opened a small Etsy Store under Little Fang Divination. I sold some readings there and got excellent reviews, but things slowed down, and I took a break. Later the same year, I rebranded to Little Fang Tarot, got my domain, and here I am today!

Please look around, read my blog, and consider purchasing a reading if you require extra insight.