Action is Everything

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately: Thinking about my business, my method, my ideal readings and clients, and I realized something that was very very important to me.  Action.

On the side, I have been doing small pulls for clients on a web app, and I realized that everybody wants to know WHEN?  WHY?  WHAT?  I rarely ever see HOW.

Everybody wants a quick prediction, but nobody wants to do the legwork to MANIFEST that prediction.

This. Is. A. Problem.

I liken it to, what is the point of being told your house is burning down and why it is, if you’re not telling them a way to ESCAPE or DIAL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT?

Everybody wants the easy answers but nobody wants to take charge of their own destiny and their own life.  This is not what I want to provide for my Seekers.  I want to give them the POWER to make CHANGE!

My ideal reading, if not in PDF, is a back and forth chat while pulling cards to see what the hell is going on, why it’s happening, and HOW YOU CAN CHANGE IT IN YOUR FAVOR.  

But Little Fang, sometimes the Wheel spins and leaves us powerless to wait to see what the Universe has for us!  This can be true, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t lessen the blow and prepare yourself mentally.  There is ALWAYS ACTION.  It’s very important that you know you have power, that you know you are in charge of your own life.  Even when the world is falling down around you, you can do something. So DO SOMETHING.  Let me provide that offering of help.  It is what I love to do for you.

I am not a fan of leaving anybody feeling powerless.  I don’t find it ethical.  It ruins the cosmic balance.


Shamanic Healing Oracle by Michelle A Motuzas

Assistance from an Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirit Guides
Animal’s Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt

How can getting a reading to know your Animal Spirit Guide and discover their messages help you in your day to day life?

When you have a bond or a connection to a particular Animal Spirit, you can find they will help you out in your day to day life. Deer reminds me to be gentle and nurturing, but stand my ground to protect those I love and the things I believe in. I can be a grumpy person at times, and sometimes she will rein me in and help me to cool off.

Some guides will stay with you your entire life. Many will come in when you need them and leave once you’ve learned what you need.

Animals are mentors and also teachers. They have lessons that will enlighten and inspire, however some may bring about some hard lessons that are needed in your life.

Many of these hard lessons come from the Animals that you fear. It will be necessary to confront them in order to learn what they have to teach you. You must face your fears before the Animal can bring you their message.

Every Animal has its own lessons for you, so never dismiss even the smallest ant. Ant can help to bring structure into your life, a most valuable skill. Snake represents cycles in life, teaching you how to shed the old in order to bring out the new.

When you get one of my readings, take some time to meditate on the Animal who came up for you. Ponder their messages over your cup of tea. Ask them to show you guidance, and then pay attention to any little signs you may get throughout your day.

Listen to them and Learn.

Discover the messages your Guide has for you by clicking here for a reading!

10 Questions to Ask Your Reader

I enjoy reading Benebell Wen’s blog for all her deep insight and information.  There was one post where she went into a list of questions asked by James Bulls in which he recommends all clients seeking a reader to ask of them.  I loved reading her answers, and I felt I should share my own for all of you who may be on the edge about purchasing a reading from me.

Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

I have had a mixture of both.  I’ve spent plenty of time to scour the internet for learning videos and websites, even small online courses, but I’ve also done many practice readings and took the time to create my own interpretations of the cards based on my own experiences with them.  I definitely didn’t learn to read in a bubble, that is for sure!  

Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

I am a Tarot Reader.  The word “psychic” tends to bring people images of old ladies sitting behind crystal balls predicting you will marry John and have 3 kids who will become famous or some other such craziness.  While I do admit that I have clairvoyance and clairaudience, I can’t really use it to tell you you’re going to win the lottery.  I read what the cards say and use anything else I get with my senses to create a reading that is useful for you. 

Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

Accuracy is very important to me.  It should be important to any reader.  However, while I can forecast some things, I cannot claim to make solid predictions that are going to come true 100%.  Free will affects predictions and forecasts, however I will try to be accurate in the way I interpret what the cards are telling me as far as advice and steps to take.  If I see something in the cards that may come to pass, the forecast is only good for about 3 months by experience, even less if you are making major changes in your own life.  The cards are always right, but as the interpreter, sometimes I can mistranslate something.

Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

Please don’t expect me to be able to predict lottery numbers.  If I could do that, well, I might not be writing this.  I am not comfortable predicting, or forecasting, for current events, pregnancies, death, health concerns, and anything else that would require an actual certified professional such as a doctor or a lawyer.  While I might do current events for fun (much like my Super Bowl post!) it is not something I will do for money.

Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

I primarily use tarot cards, however in a few of my readings I utilize oracle cards, as well as my clairvoyant and clairaudient senses.  It’s important to me that I share any feelings or senses if any that I might be getting in a reading, just in case it means something to you personally.  

Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

The message is most certainly in the cards. However, remember, the head is where the brain is, and that is where all the processing power is coming from that allows me to read those cards!  All my experiences with these cards are in my head, and therefore I must say that I use a mixture in order to bring you the answers I do.  

Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

I almost fancy myself a priestess, however I can’t really claim to be either of these.  I translate the messages in the cards with all the skills in my arsenal and I listen to my spirit guides and work with animal guides in order to bring you your answers.  

Are you a fixer or a looker?

I’m more of a fixer.  I want to look into your problems but it’s important to me that you do get some advice in order to achieve the outcome that you want.  What is the point of being told that your life is a mess without the means of giving you any additional power to get out of it?  Empowerment and freedom are very important gifts I wish to bring to my seekers.

Do you read for free, or for fee?

I do charge for my readings, but only because it takes time to deliver a reading and a great deal of energy to deliver a good one at that.  Occasionally I might offer a freebie if I’m testing something, such as a new deck or spread, but please understand that this is a service and an exchange of energy.  I am confident enough in my reading skills that I am comfortable enough asking for a fee.

Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

I answered a similar question up above and the same holds true.  I won’t answer any questions that are better taken to a professional.  I am not a doctor or a lawyer.  I won’t predict a death or a pregnancy.  I am also not comfortable forecasting anything having to do with current events unless I’m just playing around with sports results or other trivial things.  My readings are more for personal growth and empowerment.

If anybody wants to pose me any similar questions, feel free to contact me over on the form on my About page!  Don’t be a stranger.

#IBelieveInTarot – Tarot Rebels Blog Hop

Belief has become a very important part of who I am.  Belief in what I do, belief in myself, belief in my own abilities, it goes on and on.

Tom Benjamin tasked us with this tag to write about.  I’m not so sure how to write about it.  I’ll do my best.

The pictured deck is my very first one, back when I was younger and inexperienced.  It was my first step onto a different path, and I believed in it strongly.  I had to have this deck.  I had to take this step!

I do not know where such beliefs came from, but I had a spark of interest and I knew that this was for me.  I believed that it could work, and I believed, and still do, that these cards have energy and their own voice.

Tarot, to me, is a tool that promotes growth and creativity.  I believe that a skilled reader can bring forth helpful answers, for both themselves and for those they read for.  The cards are filled with symbols and imagery just begging to be given a voice, and I as a reader, am that voice.

When you connect the pictures and the positions the cards fall in, you can create a story. Your story!  Tarot is about seeing the inner picture and the outer influences.  It’s about finding a light in the dark and a marker on a map of your life.

Everybody believes in tarot in a different way.  Some people believe in strict science and some believe in spirit as they draw the cards.

What do I believe in though?

I don’t quite believe in coincidence.  I know that some things happen for no reason at all, but the timing of these events and the way they manifest sometimes come together for a reason.  You come to this page because you are seeking information that will help you or inspire you.  Sometimes you have a deeper reason, such as needing guidance in a current situation, and you stumble upon my page.  I work with the divine, I work with spirits, and I work with the energies of animal guides.  They all have messages to take heed of.

But why do I believe in Tarot?

I fall into the spiritual category in that I believe that spirit has nudged me into the direction of helping others.  I believe that the divine can influence the cards we pull so that we get the message we need most or get the messages we need to relay to other seekers.  When the cards are drawn for you, they come out for a reason.  They are the message you need to hear the most.  You can uncover deeper parts of you from the shadows.  You can get a taste of what the future holds if you stick to a certain path.

Know that there is no wrong way to take this path.  Our paths are our own, and as long as we set out to help ourselves or help others, we are correct.

I Believe in Tarot.

Make ’em or Break ’em – Tarot Rebels Blog Hop

This post is brought to you by the wonderful Tarot Rebels Blog Hop!

When choosing a tarot deck to purchase, I have been known to be a tad bit picky.  There are a few cards that simply have to sing to me before I can give them a home.  These cards hold a little bit of special magic to me and so if a deck doesn’t depict them just right then I may be turned off the deck altogether.  I have made exceptions in the past for other cards, however it’s not that often.

The Moon has to have a bit of mystery to it with the moon itself being the brightest thing you see, either visually or intuitively.

The Magician has to have a certain charm and cleverness about him.  He has to seem like he knows what he is doing!  It is a card that I’ve been compared to by a favorite reader of mine so it holds a special place in my heart.

The Sun has to bring a smile to my face and make me feel like there is warmth and brightness within it.

The Page of Cups is important since it’s the card I’ve used as a signifier for many years now.  It’s essentially me in essence, so it has to depict what I feel I am.  I’m the cat that is chatting it up with a fish, I am the sea lion surfing in the waves, I am the little baby swan imagining my shadow to be more beautiful than what it simply is.

If I can’t get a feeling off a card, it’s going to be very hard to read with it in the long run.  This is why finding those key cards is so important to me.

What card is important to you?  Why?


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