Assistance from an Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirit Guides
Animal’s Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt

How can getting a reading to know your Animal Spirit Guide and discover their messages help you in your day to day life?

When you have a bond or a connection to a particular Animal Spirit, you can find they will help you out in your day to day life. Deer reminds me to be gentle and nurturing, but stand my ground to protect those I love and the things I believe in. I can be a grumpy person at times, and sometimes she will rein me in and help me to cool off.

Some guides will stay with you your entire life. Many will come in when you need them and leave once you’ve learned what you need.

Animals are mentors and also teachers. They have lessons that will enlighten and inspire, however some may bring about some hard lessons that are needed in your life.

Many of these hard lessons come from the Animals that you fear. It will be necessary to confront them in order to learn what they have to teach you. You must face your fears before the Animal can bring you their message.

Every Animal has its own lessons for you, so never dismiss even the smallest ant. Ant can help to bring structure into your life, a most valuable skill. Snake represents cycles in life, teaching you how to shed the old in order to bring out the new.

When you get one of my readings, take some time to meditate on the Animal who came up for you. Ponder their messages over your cup of tea. Ask them to show you guidance, and then pay attention to any little signs you may get throughout your day.

Listen to them and Learn.

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