Change, Healing, and Hope for the New Year

So much has changed since I’ve written here last, and yet, not enough has progressed forth.  Pages lay about, starting to collect dust.  Reading packages that go unnoticed hang about in the shop, fully stocked, just waiting for somebody who needs aid to pass by.  It was a rough year for me, for us, for everybody.

And yet, I am calm.  I have made changes in my shop and dusted off the shelves to make room for new reading services.  I spent a short time cleaning my tarot and healing altar, doing the best I could after having had foot surgery.  Walking is still pain, but I’m healing.

In this moment of cleaning things off, I have opened up the flow of energy once again.  No more clutter and dust to block the flow!  I have created a place where I can feel calm, meditate, relax.

I am taking a reiki course in order to bring myself, those around me, and even you all, healing.  I am also looking into ways in which I can offer better reading services to those who need them.  I am starting to find that talking outloud through the cards in a audio or video setting might actually feel more preferable to me than writing things out, since sometimes my fingers are too slow for my intuition.  I offered video briefly, but was having some recording problems.

So look forward to new changes!

What are you looking to change in your life in order to bring about the best you?  Feel free to share and discuss!


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