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This month we were given the challenge to write about our guilty pleasure tarot deck.  I had a hard time deciding if this was actually something I had, but after a quick glance at my collection, it hit me.

This deck has a sweet backstory.

About two Christmas’s ago, I was spending the holiday with my fiance and his mother.  She is very fond of giving gifts, usually it’s a lot of small little things and it’s a lot of fun!  She gifted me a tarot deck, a deck that I never thought I’d buy for myself much less own, but because it was from her, and for various other reasons, it holds a special place in my heart.

Now Doreen Virtue decks tend to be a hot yay or nay topic in the tarot community.  You either like them or you don’t pretty much!  However this gift of the Angel Tarot Cards is something I will treasure no matter what I think of the creators.  It isn’t a bad deck!  They function very well as an oracle deck due to the descriptions on them, and the card stock and the gilded edges just make my heart sing.

Will I use it professionally?
Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine


This remains to be seen.  It’s far out from my normal style of deck that I prefer to use, and very very far from my personal brand.  Currently I only really use it for myself, and my future mother in law.  Sometimes I’ll draw a card of guidance from it when I’m feeling down and it brings me a smile and some hope.  It definitely has it’s niche!

So yes, I am guilty.  I’m going to enjoy the hell out of my angel tarot cards and nobody can tell me otherwise!

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