How to get the Most out of your Reading

So you have purchased a reading from a tarot reader of choice, or perhaps even got one for free!  You read over it a few times, devouring the information the reader has woven together from the cards they pulled for you.  This is an awful lot of information!  Maybe you are having trouble taking it all in?

Do not fret!

It’s perfectly fine to sit on the reading for some time before making a judgement on if it resonates with your situation or not.  Sometimes a reading may not call to you right away, but will become quite relevant in the future.  I will share with you some tips and ideas on how to make the most of your reading.

  1. First off, it’s good to have a clear and relaxed mind before looking at your reading.  You can process a reading a lot easier if you are calm and collected and open minded.  Grab your favorite drink (especially hot tea!) and have a sit down with your reading.
  2. Come back to it later on and look through it again. Consider how different parts of it play out in your life currently.
  3. If there is an image of the cards included, take a good look at them.  Compare them with the reading.  Think about what the images mean to you on a personal level.  Perhaps you will find a personal hidden meaning!
  4. If there is a future part of the reading, imagine it happening to you, and if it’s a positive outcome, read and jot down notes on any steps the reader says you should take.
  5. Remember to take those steps!  Be proactive in achieving the future you desire, knowing that the reading is a guide, and that you create the future yourself.
  6. Put the reading away for a month, then read it again to see what has changed and what is relevant.  Repeat at a much later time and do the same.
  7. Is the reading still not relevant for one reason or another?  Put it away for even longer.  Forget about it.  Go through your email or old documents one day and stumble upon it, then realize that it matched everything to a T!
  8. Get another reading!

Readings are meant to bring you clarity and show you the way through any obstacles you should face.  It’s up to you to put it to good use and to make sense of it so that the reader has done their job in helping you!


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