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Belief has become a very important part of who I am.  Belief in what I do, belief in myself, belief in my own abilities, it goes on and on.

Tom Benjamin tasked us with this tag to write about.  I’m not so sure how to write about it.  I’ll do my best.

The pictured deck is my very first one, back when I was younger and inexperienced.  It was my first step onto a different path, and I believed in it strongly.  I had to have this deck.  I had to take this step!

I do not know where such beliefs came from, but I had a spark of interest and I knew that this was for me.  I believed that it could work, and I believed, and still do, that these cards have energy and their own voice.

Tarot, to me, is a tool that promotes growth and creativity.  I believe that a skilled reader can bring forth helpful answers, for both themselves and for those they read for.  The cards are filled with symbols and imagery just begging to be given a voice, and I as a reader, am that voice.

When you connect the pictures and the positions the cards fall in, you can create a story. Your story!  Tarot is about seeing the inner picture and the outer influences.  It’s about finding a light in the dark and a marker on a map of your life.

Everybody believes in tarot in a different way.  Some people believe in strict science and some believe in spirit as they draw the cards.

What do I believe in though?

I don’t quite believe in coincidence.  I know that some things happen for no reason at all, but the timing of these events and the way they manifest sometimes come together for a reason.  You come to this page because you are seeking information that will help you or inspire you.  Sometimes you have a deeper reason, such as needing guidance in a current situation, and you stumble upon my page.  I work with the divine, I work with spirits, and I work with the energies of animal guides.  They all have messages to take heed of.

But why do I believe in Tarot?

I fall into the spiritual category in that I believe that spirit has nudged me into the direction of helping others.  I believe that the divine can influence the cards we pull so that we get the message we need most or get the messages we need to relay to other seekers.  When the cards are drawn for you, they come out for a reason.  They are the message you need to hear the most.  You can uncover deeper parts of you from the shadows.  You can get a taste of what the future holds if you stick to a certain path.

Know that there is no wrong way to take this path.  Our paths are our own, and as long as we set out to help ourselves or help others, we are correct.

I Believe in Tarot.

2 thoughts on “#IBelieveInTarot – Tarot Rebels Blog Hop

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I found this a very difficult tag to respond to too. What do I believe – dunno really. It works, and I agree with your conclusion that it’s the intention we have when we come to read that dictates the information we’re given. Helping and healing intent, gets helpful and healing reading x

    • Brittany

      Thank you! It was a bit tricky to put into words what I wanted and what the tag “required.” 🙂

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