Little Fang : The Spread

The truth is I have been wanting to do some sort of “signature spread” for a while.  I wanted to create something that embodies some of the core elements of the song my site and diviner name is based upon, which is (obviously) called Little Fang, by Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks.  This is a song that brought me out of a bad emotional hole, and I discovered it when I felt that everyone was against me, making me feel small.  I listened to it on repeat, memorized the lyrics, hummed it to myself when I felt the bad moods creeping back onto me, and slowly I dug my way out of that hole.

And so, I am very excited to share this spread with everyone, and if you wish to use it on your own personal journey, I’d love to hear about it!  Note that this spread is only for your personal use.


Little Fang : The Spread


  1. Your Special Gift: “You’re something special, Want you to know you are.”  This position will show you a gift that you have that you may know about, or even be unaware you have!
  2. How to Use Your Gift: “And if it ever starts to feel sad little fang, Remember that your gifts are your gain.”  Now that you found your gift, it’s time to learn how you can best put it to use!  Your gifts are your gain!
  3. Your Dark Side: “Don’t hide your wolven face, You keep on creepin’, let the night be scary”  We all have a shadow side.  Just because you have a little bit of darkness in you doesn’t mean you have to be ashamed!  On that note…
  4. Embrace Your Darkness: “We all will sing your name, Embrace your darkness, never be ashamed.”  Learn how to embrace your shadow side and how to make good use of the darkness within.  Every facet of you is powerful and can be used, good or bad.
  5. You Keep on Spinning!: “You keep on spinning, And this world keeps nag nag nagging”  This is some advice to you on how to keep on going through life, even if things get tough and people seem against you.

Make good use of your gifts and your darkness, balance them, and make them work for you!  You are an amazing soul, complex and whole.  You have so much power and potential.  Shine bright!

This reading will be up for purchase in my shop in the next couple of days.  Keep a look out!

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