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loveLove is one of the most powerful, amazing, and even frustrating emotions to exist.  It exists in a gentle caress, in the breath upon a lover’s lips.  It’s resides within the heart of a mother for her child, for a child and their beloved pet.  It can be exhilarating, leaving your heart racing and yourself short of breath.  With that it even has the ability to bring about angst and destruction in its wake.

As we enter February, we become so very aware at how people take advantage of love for commercial purposes.  Hearts are plastered everywhere, and we are assaulted by the colors of red and pink and every color in-between.  We even become more aware of those who don’t share in the passion and joy of the month of love, for either being alone, or having experienced a broken heart.

What we tend to forget that love doesn’t have to be romantic.  Love can be for yourself.  Self-love is very important to a healthy and happy life, and you must always do what you can to treat yourself and appreciate that you are a wonderful person and a beautiful human being.  Don’t forget to spoil yourself a little.  Buy yourself some flowers and some chocolates and take yourself on a date!  Watch your favorite movie or bathe in a tub of rose petals.  Think about everything you are, and think of all the reasons that you should be loving yourself, no matter how small a reason it may be.

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