The Lovers and the Two of Cups

With February on the horizon, including Valentine’s day, these two cards came to my mind.  They can be quite easy to mix up to the tarot beginner, and while I was considering them, I realized that I wanted to get down into words the very essence of their differences. Note that these are my personal depictions of the cards, and other readers may have different ways of seeing them!

Now The Lovers card is one of the Major Arcana.  This means that in any reading, it is a big deal.  These represent the major stages of life, and lessons to be learnt along the way.  This is a true soul connection, two spirits getting together as one.  In my eyes and experience, sometimes it can depict finding your true soulmate or somebody that you have a deep connection to in every way.  It can even be a marriage in some cases, as that is a major life change that has to be accounted for.  Somebody has come into your life, setting your heart aflame, or if they were already there, this is showing this bond between you two growing and strengthening.  In essence, this card is Compatibility. 

Mystical Cats Tarot
Mystical Cats Tarot

On the other paw, the Two of Cups, or in the case with this deck, the Two of Sea, is one of the Minor Arcana, also known as a pip card.  These cards represent smaller events and day-to-day happenings.  With this card, there is also a union depicted between two people(cats?)  The Cups suit speaks of love and romance, but also creativity and intuition.  This union may be a simple partnership in order to bypass an obstacle, or even a strong friendship.  Based on the situation and the cards surrounding this one, it can be a more permanent relationship or something that is done in passing, in fleeting happy moments in your lives.  This card, summed up is simply Unity.

Now getting these two cards together can show a happy and romantic relationship between two compatible souls!

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