My Personal Path

Bast-Mut, The Fiery One

Sometimes people are curious about one’s personal path.  What does Little Fang believe?  Why are cats so important?  Time to step off the topic of Tarot a moment for some story time.

I’ll start from the past.

I had cats growing up, and have always had felines in my life.  One of my favorite topics to cover in school was Ancient Egypt, which piqued my interest back in elementary school.  I loved Horus (because I loved birds as well), I loved Bast (because she was feline), I loved the myths and the Gods!  I would look at both cat books and ancient Egyptian books in the school library and sink myself into those worlds, among many others.

Within the last years or so, I had no path.  I was lost and confused, and while I had tarot to sustain me and the thoughts of God and the angels above, I still felt there was something more out there.

I slid suddenly back into Ancient Egypt and started to personally try to honor Bast on my own.  Then I felt there was no need for a community or a temple, it was just me and Her for a brief period.

Mafdet, The Runner

The catalyst is when some of my beloved kitties that were a part of our feral colony started vanishing in groups.  My babies were gone, the ones that I worked to raise and tame from small kittens to their teenage years.

I felt empty again.  I sought out Bast for prayer and guidance.  She pushed me in the direction of the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer.  I hadn’t considered joining before that and didn’t feel the need, but the push was strong and I knew that is where I belonged.  I joined the beginners class and learned all I could get my paws on, devouring any and all knowledge in my path.

Heru-sa-Aset, Savior of His Father

I took it a step further and got my Rite of Parent Divination on December 30th of 2014, in which we are currently nearing it’s anniversary!  Who would have guessed it would be Bast-Mut who would become my mother, and I would become beloved of both Mafdet and Heru-sa-Aset?  I took my shemsu vows the next day and was named Tawa’ubastmut, Bast-Mut’s soldier.  The meanings of this name run deep, and I work to uphold them and uphold ma’at as well.

I came into 2015 with a new path, a new name, and a new reason for being here.  

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