Predicting a Win: Super Bowl Tarot 2017

So, I’m staying the night in Houston for my job.

And most of us know what is happening tomorrow in this very city.  The Super Bowl!  While I can’t claim to like football, the energy is addicting and I can feel the high moods of everyone around me.  It’s hard to not get into the spirit of the weekend!  However, as I sit here in the quiet hotel room, cards next to me, just thinking and relaxing… it comes to me…

Can Tarot predict the Super Bowl?

Let us have a little bit of fun and see what happens!  While I can’t claim that the cards can predict a win with accuracy, as there are so many factors at play, we can still try and we can still have a good time of doing it!

What I’m going to do is pull one card for each team using The Wild Unknown.

Here goes!  (And for the record, I have no bias of any team.)

The Contenders

The Patriots represented by the Six of Cups

Almost right away this card makes me think of Potential and Unfinished Business.  This tree is pulling forth all the energy it can from the earth, which is full of abundance, giving it the potential to grow bigger and stronger.

This team is pulling everything they can from their experience and their “roots” so that they can play the best game they can.

The Falcons represented by the Father of Swords

This card seems intimidating.  This team is not going down without a fight, that is for sure!

This card really cuts to the chase, however he is very careful about his actions.  He calculates and formulates ideas and plans that will win him the battle.  This team isn’t unprepared!  They have a strategy and they have a mission to accomplish.




The Results

Between these two cards, this was a tricky battle!  In the end, I’m leaning towards the Falcons with the strength of their knowledge and their game plan.  I kind of pushed in favor of them due to the fact that we have the King of Swords himself, as a higher placing card than the Six of Cups.  Also, it is the Superb Owl, after all!

Who do you think will win?  Share your thoughts on this reading below!

3 thoughts on “Predicting a Win: Super Bowl Tarot 2017

  1. Smithy

    This is fun. Thanks. The 6 of cups Patriots with their nostalgic feelings. That could give them enduring motivation and favor from the crowd. But ah the King of swords with his mastry and sense of judgment could really cut into the feeling crowd. More like a take no prisoners tactic. I have a practice of never paying attention to the Superbow, but you hooked me?. In fact some of my neighbors have a contest. Whoever first finds out who is playing in the Superbowl loses.

    • Brittany

      Ha! That is a very interesting contest.
      I love what you came up with! While I never usually pay attention either, it’s hard not to now after trying a prediction. 😉

  2. JavaTexas

    Very clever and fun reading. It gives you something to think about.

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