Let’s Make Money!


Let’s Make Money!


Besides romance and career, finances are probably the most asked about topic of tarot readers.  However, many of us, including myself, aren’t licensed to hand out financial advice.  Money is a tricky topic, but sometimes it does make itself known in other readings, especially in those about career.

For anything regarding the material and financial realm, I seek out any Pentacles cards that may show up in a reading.  Some of these cards are very welcome in a reading about a career, and sometimes even in relationship readings, depending on which card it is!  Often times I have associated the later Chalices cards with wealth, because let’s face it, money can also bring pleasure!

Some time back, I’ve toyed with the idea of using my cards to search out lottery numbers, just for fun (no results, obviously!)  More recently I have tried a little “spell” in order to bring about prosperity and good finances into my life and my business.

Let’s Make the Money!

You may use your own tarot cards, or even printouts of them for this project.

  1. Make a small space and put items you associate with money on it, even money itself!  Make a little pile, or arrange them nicely.
  2. Grab some cards!  I like to use the Ace of Pentacles to welcome in new prosperity, the Ten of Pentacles to bring forth great financial wealth and success, the Nine of Pentacles to remind us of rich pleasures, the Four of Pentacles for financial stability, and I even like to drag in the Nine and Ten of Chalices for happiness and pleasure.
  3. Arrange these cards nicely around your little money shrine.  You may even use stones, especially those that are green and gold, and even burn a green candle!  Make yourself think of wealth and money!  I even placed my business card in the mix for success in my business.
  4. You don’t have to leave the shrine there forever, but you want to have it there long enough so that you look at it and feel in your heart that you deserve that money, and that it can be yours.
  5. I even took pictures of it so I can look back on it again and again without having to sacrifice the use of my cards.
  6. Have fun with this!  This is supposed to be a fun project that will spark inspiration and creativity, and even bring in the financial forces out there to bless you.  If you are feeling upset about not having money while you do this, it may be best to not do it until you are mentally ready to bring positivity to the table.

I hope you enjoyed our little project for today!  Don’t forget that oftentimes money only comes with hard work and dedication to it.



9 thoughts on “Let’s Make Money!

  1. The Nine of Pents is one of my favourites for abundance spells, too 🙂

  2. Oh I love me a good Money Shrine or Altar. I have one that is permanent with an Ace of Pentacles and a Nine of Pentacles and some of my MMM Cards. So great to inspire more people to have them.

  3. I too love the idea of a money shrine to aid one’s focus. Thanks for the ritual suggestion.

  4. Oh I love your idea of making a money shrine! I’ll that doing exactly that for myself 🙂

  5. This is a lovely idea and one that I had not thought of before…. thank-you for sharing ….

  6. Yes, a shrine to money. I can see it: huge doric columns… palladian architecture… marble everywhere… little pens on chains…oh wait, the bank already did that! Oh well, back to the drawing board 😀

  7. Alison Cross

    I am so going to set up a money shrine in the house!!

  8. Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker

    Fun~ I love the hands-on creativity of this. We so often forget to make a shrine.

  9. Oh I love the idea of making a picture of it and therefore not having to keep it physically in place !

    Little Tarot Spell Altars are great, but maybe in our techy age of cameras, ipads etc we can have lots of them digitally on us to send us waves of magical awesomeness!

    Funky idea 😀

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