Are They Really So Bad? – The Cards You Fear

Many people dread getting a reading done and having Death appear.

“Does it mean I’m going to die?” No!

What I’m here to explain is that often times these cards don’t hold any literal meaning behind them!

Death, The Devil, The Tower, the Three of Swords, and the Ten of Swords, are all some of the most feared cards that could come into a tarot reading.  Just look at the pictures at the left, don’t these look ominous?

What if I told you that these cards can be used as a warning and a chance to grow instead?

I want to break these cards down and show you that there is nothing to fear and there is everything to learn!

The Wild Unknown Tarot © Kim Krans


Consider the phoenix of myth.  It has lived it’s life and is now worn and tired.  What is there left?  The great bird has reached the end of it’s long life, once majestic and bright, now shattered and dull.  In a burst of flame and ash, the phoenix sheds it’s older shell and returns renewed and majestic once again!

Something is coming to an end.  It’s time to Transform.

You are burning something that is no longer needed in your life and coming back better and stronger for having gotten rid of it.  It can be scary, and it can be hard, but you’ll be way better off for having gotten rid of the burden that you carried.

The Devil

This card can be a warning against temptation and addiction.  You may be being led down the wrong path, but knowing is half the battle!  Consider the actions you are currently taking in life and determine the reasons behind the choices you have made.  Do you have everyone’s best intentions at heart?

It’s time to slay the demons within yourself and find the light of the matter.

Don’t let fear be your enemy, face it head on!  This feeling of powerlessness is under your control, and you can choose to break the chains that bind you and free yourself.

The Tower

The changes that Death brings may be more gradual, much like the flow of life itself.  However, the Tower is a sudden and abrupt change that may shake the very foundations of your life as you know it.  The best part about this crumbling tower?

Once it comes down, you can build something BETTER in it’s place!

It’s hard to deal with a big change, but it’s inevitable.  When this card comes up you can be better prepared to face it head on and then start planning what you want to put in it’s place.  This card gives you more power than you realize!

Three of Swords

Ah, the card with the swords that spear the heart.  The typical sign of heartbreak and despair.  Pain is a sad part of life, and it’s not something you can always avoid.  Pain is a challenge that allows you to grow and expand!  The Swords represent logic and thought and the heart is emotion, therefore…

Your emotions may be holding you back.  Release the grasp they have over this situation!

The Three falls under the Empress’s domain, so it’s important to nurture and be kind to yourself.  Don’t allow the pain or grief to overcome you, you are strong and you can grow.

Ten of Swords

Great, the card where something or somebody is being impaled by a bunch of swords.  How can THIS be any good?  It’s not the best card or the nicest looking, no, but it also signifies an end to something with a chance to bounce back from it.

Once you have hit rock bottom, there is nowhere else left to go but UP!

You have reached the end already and you are feeling the pain of all those swords upon you.  Just because it’s the end of one story doesn’t mean you can’t start writing another!


Don’t be afraid.  Knowledge is Power!
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