The Page of Cups and Me

The Page of Cups is a sensitive soul who embraces their inner child.  They express their emotions freely, sometimes even in the worst scenarios, but it’s because they are so easily moved by the world around them.  

I feel strongly and deeply, and sometimes I let my emotions run away with me.  As a Highly Sensitive Person, the emotions I feel can sometimes become overwhelming, all triggered by the environment around me.  However, I find that this sensitivity allows me to see the finer details and even increases my intuition.  Sometimes I may seem child-like in my emotions and the way I see the world, but I know that my inner world is enriched and complex, and my imagination flows freely.  As an artist, this rich imagination brings out the best in my designs and artwork.

The Page of Cups tends to fall under the Myers-Briggs type of INFP, of which the personality type fits me to a T.  Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving.

If you find yourself in the same boat, dealing with overwhelming emotions due to empathy, or are a HSP such as myself, you may find that some proper grounding techniques will help keep you steady.  Carrying some black obsidian with you may help as well!

While someday I may grow and find myself to be a Queen, deep down I’ll always have that inner Page of Cups.

Little Fang

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