Understanding Ready to Pounce Spread

Understanding Ready to Pounce

This is a spread I developed myself for the Spread-A-Day 2 competition here on Tumblr.  We were tasked to create a spread and share it on our blogs for others to vote, and the winning spreads were used for the monthly Spread-A-Day challenge.  Seeing other people’s interpretations of it made my heart glow!

The general idea was that the spread was the very image of a cat pouncing upon prey, and it would be used to find the power needed to discover your goal.  It works best as a general spread, but a question could work out as well.

The first card on the left, the Prey card, is your goal.

This card tells you what you should be aiming for, and what should be your focus for the future.  Sometimes the card may be vague, or odd, such as the Tower.  What would you do if you got The Tower as your goal?

You could see the card saying that it wants you to break down the walls and barriers that hold you back and reform your life into something brand new.

Card two is your Sight.

Where are your sights currently set?  Are they aligned with the goal you have before you?  This is something that you are learning from currently, which may help you out to reach your goal.  Once you have learned what you need from this card, you should be better able to align your sights to the Prey.

Card three is your power.  Your legs, which propel you forward.

The cat stalks her prey, aligns it in her sight.  She prepares herself with her ritualistic “butt-wiggle,” which is just her getting her footing in proper order to jump the correct distance and catch her meal.

This is the end card, the one that will tell you exactly what you need to do or accomplish in order to make this goal yours.  Look deeply into this card, meditate on it, truly work to understand what it is telling you, no matter how odd or vague it may seem at first.

Use this spread to bring your life into focus.  Go forth and find your goals with your own cards, or allow me to help you out with a reading from this spread.

May your paws pad into light,
~Little Fang

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