Visual Spreadcrafting

Your friendly tarot cat here with some tips and info!

For the longest time I had refused to use spreads.  I could never make them work for me, and I felt constricted in their use.  I started doing 3 card pulls and intuitively telling a story, but after a while it stopped working as well as it used to.

Here comes Spread-A-Day.  This is what broke me out of my shell and inspired me to create.  Now, I’m a visual learner, and unless the spread I have is very visual or has positions that correlate to something in real life, I won’t remember it.  I decided I’d create a cat spread, Ready to Pounce.

Hey, I actually remember the positions and meanings behind this spread!  I remember that there’s prey in front of the cat, that he’s using his eyes, that his legs are about to push him forward towards it.  Having that visual of a cat made spread recall a breeze!

Since then I’ve created two more spreads, an extended version of Ready to Pounce called Divine Feline, as well as a love spread called Cross My Heart, which is a simplified heart crossed out with an obstacle.  I remember my spreads, and now I can do them in person if needed.

Now I can read spreads very well!

Get going, make some spreads of your own!

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