Call to Arms – Mafdet Heka Workshop

Join me as I call upon the great goddess Mafdet, bringer of justice, in order to fight the injustices currently plaguing human rights in America.

Mafdet is an ancient feline goddess, predating even Bast, and is the embodiment of legal justice.  She is protector of the King's chambers, and guarded against venomous snakes and other dangerous critters.  In this case, the snakes are those in power, threatening the rights of millions.  With her swift claws, we call on her to strike, and bring us protection in this trying time.

I have been called by her to run these sessions.  The workshop will consist of bringing offerings before Mafdet, a prayer, and then we will weave some magic (we call it heka) together.

What you will need:

  • Offerings such as meat, bread, water, incense, fruits, etc.  If you opt for food, make sure it is something you are willing to eat yourself afterwards.
  • A clean sheet of white paper and a black or blue pen.  Do not use red ink for this!
  • The open mind and heart in order to meet with a goddess you may not have experience with.

Where to Donate

Your donations are also important and strongly encouraged.  Please visit the links below in order to support those in need!