Assistance from an Animal Spirit Guide

How can getting a reading to know your Animal Spirit Guide and discover their messages help you in your day to day life? When you have a bond or a connection to a particular Animal Spirit, you can find they will help you out in your day to day life. Deer reminds me to be gentle and nurturing, but stand my ground to protect those I love and the things I believe in. I can be

The Animal Within

Sometimes the Wisdom of the Animal comes from Within Yourself.   I am a Shapeshifter, one who traverses the Astral and takes the form of a varying number of creatures.  Primarily wolf, or feline, but always an animal of some sort. Yet in the waking world, I can feel these animal traits take over as a phantom-limb sensation or an instinctual mood. This is known as “shifting.”  Why would one do this?  Sometimes we can