Are They Really So Bad? – The Cards You Fear

Many people dread getting a reading done and having Death appear. “Does it mean I’m going to die?” No! What I’m here to explain is that often times these cards don’t hold any literal meaning behind them! Death, The Devil, The Tower, the Three of Swords, and the Ten of Swords, are all some of the most feared cards that could come into a tarot reading.  Just look at the pictures at the left, don’t

The Animal Within

Sometimes the Wisdom of the Animal comes from Within Yourself.   I am a Shapeshifter, one who traverses the Astral and takes the form of a varying number of creatures.  Primarily wolf, or feline, but always an animal of some sort. Yet in the waking world, I can feel these animal traits take over as a phantom-limb sensation or an instinctual mood. This is known as “shifting.”  Why would one do this?  Sometimes we can

Tarot and Travel

So some of you may already know that I have been accepted into flight attendant training starting next month!  This will be my third time as a flight attendant, even then I’m still a bit nervous as these classes are tough!  (For good reason!)  I can’t wait to bring my cards on the go with me, even if I can’t use them a lot, they are sure a comfort to have! So what is a

That Darn Cat…I mean, Court!

For some Tarot Readers, the Court cards are the bane of our existence!  Are they people?  Feelings?  Traits?  When they appear in a reading, they can leave many confused.  I know I had many issues coming to terms with these fellows for the longest time.  So, how can you tackle this tricky troupe? It’s important to develop your own system!  I’d like to stress that quite a bit.  While it’s important to know all the