Action is Everything

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately: Thinking about my business, my method, my ideal readings and clients, and I realized something that was very very important to me.  Action. On the side, I have been doing small pulls for clients on a web app, and I realized that everybody wants to know WHEN?  WHY?  WHAT?  I rarely ever see HOW. Everybody wants a quick prediction, but nobody wants to do the legwork

10 Questions to Ask Your Reader

I enjoy reading Benebell Wen’s blog for all her deep insight and information.  There was one post where she went into a list of questions asked by James Bulls in which he recommends all clients seeking a reader to ask of them.  I loved reading her answers, and I felt I should share my own for all of you who may be on the edge about purchasing a reading from me. Were you mentored, or were

#IBelieveInTarot – Tarot Rebels Blog Hop

Belief has become a very important part of who I am.  Belief in what I do, belief in myself, belief in my own abilities, it goes on and on. Tom Benjamin tasked us with this tag to write about.  I’m not so sure how to write about it.  I’ll do my best. The pictured deck is my very first one, back when I was younger and inexperienced.  It was my first step onto a different path, and

Are They Really So Bad? – The Cards You Fear

Many people dread getting a reading done and having Death appear. “Does it mean I’m going to die?” No! What I’m here to explain is that often times these cards don’t hold any literal meaning behind them! Death, The Devil, The Tower, the Three of Swords, and the Ten of Swords, are all some of the most feared cards that could come into a tarot reading.  Just look at the pictures at the left, don’t