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Tarot Decks / Re: Bonefire Tarot
« Last post by DownUnderNZer on Today at 07:27:42 PM »

Thitd edition is Schiffer.

May try that shuffling technique out as long as no damage.

Casino style shuffling is one of the best when I think about it as those decks still look brand new even when tossed out. That is one shuffle one of my sister's is great at doing.too.
I am really talking about disagreeing with someone else's interpretation of the cards that they pulled for you.

Say you have a different relationship with a card which would lead you to a different outlook, would you accept the other person's view as gospel because that is the situation you put yourself in? Or would you appreciate their perspective but ultimately go with your own reading?

I agree with the other posters. The cards that come up are the best ones for the reader to understand and deliver the message as accurately as possible. Everyone has a different relationship to the cards.

That said, how experienced the reader is and how accurate they've been in the past is a factor.

Quote from: littleredcourgette
If Tarot wants to tell the querent "bad idea" when he reads for himself about a plan of action but tell him "go for it" when someone else reads for him then what do you trust?

Oooh, that's a tricky one! It could be as simple as the timings of both readings. When you read for yourself, the timing was not good to go ahead with a course of action; perhaps when the reader reads for you, the timing is more favourable. Maybe certain things had to happen first or certain people had to be in a position where they could be of assistance to you. Or maybe there was something you had to deal with first (emotionally or a task/duty/responsibility) before moving on with the plan.

Perhaps it was even as simple as coming to terms with your own reading of "bad idea" to work out how you felt emotionally about the plan in the first place. (e.g. How did it feel to get "bad idea"? Did you still want to continue with the plan, anyway? That says something about your motivation and determination and commitment.)
Tarot Decks / Re: Bonefire Tarot
« Last post by Trogon on Today at 02:35:26 PM »
I just posted some instructions with photos for the method of shuffling I had remembered for this deck. You can see them here;
Talking Tarot / Re: How do you clear or cleanse your tarot cards?
« Last post by Trogon on Today at 02:34:14 PM »
I've posted instructions with photos for the method of shuffling I mentioned. Hopefully it will be of some help. :)
Talking Tarot / A Method for Shuffling Large Decks
« Last post by Trogon on Today at 02:32:06 PM »
Since I was having trouble shuffling a new deck (the edges couldn't take a faro shuffle or a riffle), I had to come up with something else. Then I remembered a method my Dad had taught me many, many years ago when teaching me to play poker. The thing is, it's excellent for large decks or fragile because it does not require much flexing of the cards and doesn't cause wear on the edges.

See the attachments for examples to go along with the instructions;

1) Holding the Deck; Hold the deck in your dominant hand, face down between your thumb and fingers. I tend to hold the deck by the top & bottom, but if it is too large for you this way, it works just as well to hold it by the sides.

2) Peeling; With your other hand, using the thumb on top of the deck and your fingers on the bottom, slide the top and bottom cards off together and lay them in a new pile.

3) Cutting; Between shuffles I will cut out 1/4 to 1/3 of the deck from somewhere in the middle and place it on the top of the deck (or the bottom if that feels more "right"). Since I use reversals with almost all of my decks, I also rotate this cut-out portion 1/2 way to induce reversals (any already reversed cards would be changed back to upright in the process, thereby mixing the reversals as well).

4) Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. I usually shuffle 3 to 5 times before a reading.

This may seem a little slow at first, but you'll get faster (and smoother) with practice. And, as you can see, there is no wear and tear on the edges of the cards this way.

I hope this is of some help for those who have trouble handling larger decks, or who have decks (like mine) with fragile edges.
Talking Tarot / Re: How do you clear or cleanse your tarot cards?
« Last post by Trogon on Today at 01:37:02 PM »
I use incense too, but I can't do it for each card or I'll fall asleep lol. I should probably work on my meditation. :)

I riffle shuffle too, and a close friend who also happens to be a budding cardist said that it does take a toll on one's cards. :( He taught me the faro shuffle, but I'm almost afraid to use that on my decks since it might blunt the edges or something. I guess I should try it on regular playing cards first, tho their texture, thickness, size etc differ so much from most Tarot cards that I don't know if I can transfer my faro technique to the latter effectively. I should still give it a try.

I use a faro shuffle also (though not exactly as shown on Youtube videos). And for most of my decks it works just fine. However, I have a couple that, because of the way they're cut or some other thing, they're very difficult to do. A very good example is my new Bonefire Tarot. They wouldn't faro shuffle at all and with riffle shuffling I was beginning to see damage to the edges almost right away. But I remembered a method my Dad had taught me years ago; hold the deck face down in my right hand between thumb and fingers - then with the left hand (thumb on the top card, index finger on the bottom), pull off the top and bottom card and lay them down in a new pile. Continue this through the deck. I add a "cut" of sorts between shuffles, where I'll pull out 1/4 to 1/3 of the deck from somewhere in the middle, rotate it 1/2 a turn and lay it on the top - this adds to the mixing and induces reversals.

A faro shuffle is a great technique for a Tarot deck ... but if the cards are not made quite as well as some others, it can damage them. DO NOT use a faro shuffle on an antique or valuable OOP deck!

Most decks by USG, LoS and Llewellyn work well with a faro-style shuffle. Although, a couple of my older LoS and Llewellyn decks have thin card stock that I am careful of. Practicing with a poker-sized deck of Bicycle cards is an excellent place to start ... you can buy 2 and make a 78 card stack to work with.
I wouldn't take as gospel but this can be two issues. When we are learning or experienced at tarot we can look at other readings and put our own take and learning / method on it, I think you have to be so careful about doing this. When we ask for a reading from someone else or exchange or pay for a reading, we are allowing the take of a different person and so we shouldn't intervene, like gregory said. It's very easy to say "oh I would read The Sun like this" but we should at least try to follow their take on it. It's someone else's opinion and take and we have to respect that.

However the other issue is that some people who might be inexperienced might get cards wrong, I used to do a lot of newbie readings in AT and people really gave great readings from inexperienced people but sometimes they hadn't grasped cards and I would ask them to show how they worked out that card. Their inexperience had led to misunderstanding the cards (normally just a few of them in the reading).

In my early days at AT I got a reading in exchange from someone I greatly admired on the forum who was a lot more experienced than me. They gave me the most terrible reading and it was mean, like it had digs at me! I was very upset about it at the time and I went back to find (and save) the reading when AT was closing and I found it laughable as someone a bit more experienced and confident. The whole reading was never true or accurate and I don't know what happened with the reading but it just seemed to be to attack me. So I would disagree with that reading, however at the time I took it to be really the truth and just a harsh reading.

I think the important thing is, does the reading fit you? is it accurate? If it doesn't fit at all then I think you can disagree with the interpretations or even ask how they came to that meaning but mostly I try to let people give me their reading style and method! I have learnt so much from seeing other people's readings and their method  :) I very rarely disagree with a reading done for me but in a minority of times I have.
Tarot Decks / Re: What's The Postman Bringing?
« Last post by EmpyreanKnight on Today at 11:21:41 AM »
I already have a copy of the Wild Unknown. In fact, I've just read with it extensively yesterday for a few readings. And now I'm tempted to get an extra copy, DevonCarter. :P
Tarot Decks / Re: What's The Postman Bringing?
« Last post by DevonCarter on Today at 10:54:45 AM »
I got a notification yesterday that the Wild Unknown was down to a reasonable price on Amazon, so now that's on the way!

MANY moons ago on AT, we did an experiment - each of us pulled cards for the same person with the same question, to be read using our preferred method (I pulled three cards; someone did a celtic cross - all sorts). We all pulled quite different cards which we read in our own way. The messages we all got were startlingly similar.

If you are going to question the person reading for you - do the reading yourself. If you don't agree with the message delivered - look at what YOU are missing, not what YOU think the cards said.

Not that I accept any reading as "gospel". Here we run into "what is accuracy" ;) But I would take on board the message as delivered, not try to mould it to fit what I wanted - which is almost what you are saying.

Wow, I would love to see that experiment run here.  I would love to participate in it.  I also agree with you about how you would regard a reading you don’t agree with.  Personally I don’t read myself, I don’t have others read me and I don’t watch YouTube readings for myself with one exception:
Nicholas Ashbaugh
I have watched a few of his Aquarius readings and I really trust him but I don’t watch very often.  I DO watch YouTube readers all the time for other signs, just not myself.
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