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Animal Guidance

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We have many Animal Guides in our lifetime. Some come and go, and some stay for the ride.

I have developed a few different readings based around both finding and learning more about the Animal that guides you, as well as a reading devoted to pulling forth the power of an Animal you may need presently in your life.

I am the bridge of communication between you and your Animal Guide.

They want to help you to live your most fulfilling life. I pull from one of my animal-themed decks and then connect to their energies. I will tell you about that animal, and then I will use the tarot cards to pull their messages from, based on the reading you selected.

Animals communicate in pictures, and this is why the tarot is an ideal method for allowing them to speak with us.

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Sample Email Mini: Not sure if you can benefit from an Animal Guide reading? I'll draw an Animal and we can discuss it's attributes and how they play into your life in a mini email paragraph.

The Shapeshifter Spread: Animal you need and info about them, why you need their energy, when to use their energy, and how to work with them.

Your Power Animal: Animal to embody, why you need its help, what it can teach you, truth about situation ahead, how to work with this Animal.

Your Animal Guide: Your Guide, their personality, their strengths, how they guide you, how to help yourself, how to connect with your Guide, and their overall message to you.

PDF Reading: A graphical PDF file that you can print out, including an image of your cards and my interpretation.

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