10 Questions to Ask Your Reader

I enjoy reading Benebell Wen’s blog for all her deep insight and information.  There was one post where she went into a list of questions asked by James Bulls in which he recommends all clients seeking a reader to ask of them.  I loved reading her answers, and I felt I should share my own for all of you who may be on the edge about purchasing a reading from me. Were you mentored, or were […]

Make ’em or Break ’em – Tarot Rebels Blog Hop

This post is brought to you by the wonderful Tarot Rebels Blog Hop! When choosing a tarot deck to purchase, I have been known to be a tad bit picky.  There are a few cards that simply have to sing to me before I can give them a home.  These cards hold a little bit of special magic to me and so if a deck doesn’t depict them just right then I may be turned […]