Simply Love

Love is one of the most powerful, amazing, and even frustrating emotions to exist.  It exists in a gentle caress, in the breath upon a lover’s lips.  It’s resides within the heart of a mother for her child, for a child and their beloved pet.  It can be exhilarating, leaving your heart racing and yourself […]

The Lovers and the Two of Cups

With February on the horizon, including Valentine’s day, these two cards came to my mind.  They can be quite easy to mix up to the tarot beginner, and while I was considering them, I realized that I wanted to get down into words the very essence of their differences. Note that these are my personal depictions of the cards, […]

Visual Spreadcrafting

Your friendly tarot cat here with some tips and info! For the longest time I had refused to use spreads.  I could never make them work for me, and I felt constricted in their use.  I started doing 3 card pulls and intuitively telling a story, but after a while it stopped working as well […]