Little Fang : The Spread

The truth is I have been wanting to do some sort of “signature spread” for a while.  I wanted to create something that embodies some of the core elements of the song my site and diviner name is based upon, which is (obviously) called Little Fang, by Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks.  This is a song that […]

The Page of Cups and Me

The Page of Cups is a sensitive soul who embraces their inner child.  They express their emotions freely, sometimes even in the worst scenarios, but it’s because they are so easily moved by the world around them.   I feel strongly and deeply, and sometimes I let my emotions run away with me.  As a […]

Understanding Ready to Pounce Spread

Understanding Ready to Pounce This is a spread I developed myself for the Spread-A-Day 2 competition here on Tumblr.  We were tasked to create a spread and share it on our blogs for others to vote, and the winning spreads were used for the monthly Spread-A-Day challenge.  Seeing other people’s interpretations of it made my […]