What an amazing, detailed insightful reading for such a small amount of money! I am so impressed, but even more than that, I am grateful for the insights I received that I believe will help me move forward in my goals. Highly recommend this gifted reader!


Little Fang delivered the news in a positive, encouraging and supporting manner. My question was about practical steps forward with my dream and I feel Little Fang’s advice was realistic yet supportive. She didn’t over-promise, rather she offered options for me to consider and work with. I was also delighted to see how nice and neat package the reading is, including a clear, colourful photo of the cards. Thank you!

Saskia BessonTarot for Change

The reading I received from little fang was very organized and easy to follow. The PDF she sent was very helpful because it is something I can look back at over time. She gave me good advice and she highlighted many things that I didn’t tell her about. She handled the reading with love, compassion, and care. Little fang is definitely a reader I would return to for any other inquiries i needed. I received the detailed reading which was 5-10 cards. If you still have questions about the reading after you received it. She is always willing to clarify what she was trying to communicate through the reading. The reading is definitely worth the price she is charging and more.

Beth L.

Little Fang, thank you very much for the reading! Your keen eye for detail makes sure that every aspect of the matter at hand is carefully analyzed, and you take every care in making your clients feel comfortable and sure about their future. I am genuinely amazed by your dedication to giving Seekers a truly profound and enlightening experience! You are definitely the kind of Tarot reader I would recommend to whoever wishes to bring some positive energy into their life. Best Wishes!

Kat C.

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